Davion Farris



The second of my four sons, Davion is an amazing producer, song-writer and singer, with a voice like a fine-tuned instrument! I have had the pleasure of writing and recording 2 duets with Davion; "Nobody Like My God" and "Almighty God." He has written songs for such artists as Trey Songs, Tyrese Gibson, Mary J. Blige, The Pussycat Dolls, ..............

The Gift of Songwriting


At the age of 16, I prayed, and asked God to give me the gift of songwriting. Before graduating from high school, I had written my very first song, "Perpetual Praise." Nearly 20 years later, that song was recorded by Bam Crawford's Purpose. 

Songwriting is a gift. As writers, we don't actually "create" the songs, we are blessed to receive them from the Master-Creator. He blessed me with that gift, and it was passed on to my children.

My youngest son, SIR Darryl Andrew Farris (left) is a masterful singer, songwriter and TDE artist. He possesses a unique swag, and power that can be felt during his performances.


Daniel Farris
My son, Daniel Farris , is the producer of  the project "BIG GOD, little me."  The third of four sons, Daniel is a brilliant young entrepreneur, actor, producer, song-writer, singer, poet, teacher and author of the acclaimed novel, Vivid Isaiah. 
As a teen, he appeared in the film...television shows.... 
He graduated from UCLA, with a degree in Spanish.

About my Sons